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Headquartered in Canada, LCM Solutions (Loss Control Management) is a Third Party Intermediary (TPI) with a global reach with partners and associates throughout the U.K. and USA.

LCM specializes in identifying gaps and needs within the insurance & risk management industry and then developing & implementing integrated solutions to; help reduce exposure and incidents, mitigate damage and better manage claims – all resulting in a lower overall cost of risk.

We leverage our global network to source suppliers and enhanced technology services to create sustainable, compliant, and measurable outcomes while reducing risk and related costs. By “connecting the dots” both strategically and operationally within the global insurance industry supply chain, we develop strategic collaborative partnerships to the benefit of all stakeholders.

LCM has the expertise to analyze and identify what systems are working within corporate and insurance enterprises, while diagnosing and re-imagining and re-engineering the ones that are not. We are keenly focused on creating successful, balanced and more profitable solutions for stakeholders and we always seek to add value with technology, processes, and people, while remaining sharply focused on your strategic goals. We approach each problem strategically, analytically and holistically.

Whether you are a commercial entity or insurer looking to increase profitability, an insured looking to control costs including escalating premiums or a vendor with innovative technology, LCM has the resources to assist you.

Through our strategic international collaborations, LCM are able to accelerate change by forging a clear path through the world-wide risk management and insurance landscape.


Digital transformation is not about a singular approach and letting go of past successes, but rather the meshing of the old and new to achieve optimal peak performance.

– Mark Weir

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