Predict, Prevent, Protect

LCM Solutions Inc. is a globally networked third party intermediary and consultancy firm. We implement risk mitigation solutions for corporate commercial clientele and the insurance industry.

Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) involves much more than insurance. Insurance is only a reactive concept designed to return an insured to the same physical state as they were in before certain insurable events. Insurance doesn’t repair the collateral damage to a business’s reputation, revenue growth and stress on the owners, employees & customers.

The fact is that after a disaster, 40% of businesses do not reopen and 25% fail within one year and most businesses want to avoid incidents in the first place.

LCM’s core expertise is identifying needs and gaps within the risk/insurance industry and sourcing innovative technology and services. Predictive analytics and risk prevention are the cornerstone of LCM’s customer engagements and key to our portfolio partnerships. We work with risk managers and C-Suite decision makers to strategically align cultures, data and technologies resulting in collaborative partnership solutions with the common goal of reducing the TCOR for all parties.