Creating Collaborative & Integrated
Risk Mitigation Solutions for the Commercial Sector

Risk Mitigation Solutions

LCM has established collaborative partnerships with several global technology firms to create proactive risk mitigation solutions. In assessing each commercial entity, LCM seeks to evaluate and understand the operational needs and requirements to engage the right service provider and/or solutions.

While each of LCM’s Portfolio Partners have award-winning value propositions in their own right, the synergies realized through collaborative implementations provide for exceptional integrated solutions to address all kinds of risk from cybersecurity and professional indemnity to workplace safety & commercial property damage.

Our Partners


Cloudastructure’s scalable cloud-based video surveillance platform uses proprietary, state-of-the-art AI/ML analytics (and optional remote guarding). This platform works with virtually any existing surveillance cameras to augment their use and allows for unparalleled situational awareness in real time to stop crime as it is happening, while simultaneously achieving up to a 75% lower Total Cost of Ownership than other systems.

Cloudastructure’s GearBox™ is a plug & play hardware/software cybersecurity solution which is instantly deployable and which takes a digital inventory of all IoT devices on a network and provides an assessment and remediation roadmap to address any vulnerabilities and/or compliance issues.

CLE is a Building Emergency Response platform and service which reduces First Notice of Loss (FNOL) emergency response exposure with proven indemnity & production cycle optimization savings and Self Insured Retention (SIR) mitigation costs.
cyberconIQ is a patented SaaS cyber security training solution proven to reduce the probability of human factor cyber breaches. Uses behavioural science to correlate online behaviour and tailor cyber training to individuals’ personality traits / risk style. While several other services use things such as generic phishing tests, cyberconIQ is the only platform that which allows companies to effectively lower their total organizational probability and costs associated with a cyber breach by understanding the unique makeup, or “cyber DNA”, of their organization.

DFS Solutions is DFS is the leading provider of commercial finance and insurance (F&I) solutions in North America with over 30 dealership groups (commercial truck, trailer or equipment) and more than 130 branch locations. DFS offers deal management solutions for every size of equipment vendor ranging from customized, off-site F&I management to fully-staffed, on-site finance departments. DFS does the heavy lifting for dealers when it comes to processing transactions.

Eddy Solutions is a water management technology focussed on water leak detection & asset protection proven to dramatically reduce water related incidents and insurance claims for both commercial and multi-family residential applications. This is something that could potentially be utilized in Doman facilities as well as marketed to its clients. From our discussions with insurance brokerages, we understand that most developments over 3 stories MUST have some sort of water shutoff technology just to secure COC insurance!

Entuitive Compliance is a modular enterprise and SaaS solution designed for Contractor, Vendor and Workforce Compliance Management. Entuitive serves various industries and is designed to keep track of contractors and workforce certifications, health & safety training and other related documentation specific to each particular worksite, thereby enabling clients to ensure adherence to workplace health and safety regulations by mitigating risk and improving efficiencies.

Medidas Group is all about building a safer community by reducing the number of vehicle related collisions and fatalities. Their focus provides a unique way of educating all drivers (not just the new or young driver) of various types of motor vehicles, whether it is a personal vehicle, an all-terrain vehicle, recreational vehicle or a commercial vehicle, their solution is inclusive for making the roads safer for all motoring public.  Participation is multifaceted, from a variety of stakeholders such as Parents, Driving Educators, Safety Organizations, Advertisers, and lastly the Driver.   Using technology, gamification, and advanced learning design to enhance  driver education programs, Medidas is helping to bridge the gap of what was; to what is possible. The underlying theme is a Safe Roads Challenge for all those who participate, allowing participants to be positively recognized amongst their peers and community for practising safe driving.

Road safety is all about engaging the entire community by establishing a culture and behavior to prevent collisions every day! 

New Eden is a Cultural Analytics, Behaviour, Data and Insurance Technology business and which is creating a community of like-minded professional, service-led businesses (primarily Solicitors, Accountants, Architects, IFAs, Surveyors and the Education sector), who value how they manage and deliver their services, more than simply what they do. Through LCM, New Eden has also formed a new partnership with cyberconIQ who have been very successful at enhancing on-line user behaviours and reducing overall human-factor cyber risk with their
SaaS cyber security training solution.

Paper Insurance is a SaaS Insurance platform transforming legacy insurance companies into modern carriers. It is an adaptable white labelled solution that allows insurers to distribute any personal lines insurance. It brings insurers and insureds closer together by removing needless paperwork and bringing a modern digital interface to customers whilst allowing for the seamless processing of data for insurers resulting in time and cost savings.  

PBC Communications Inc., established in 2008, specializes in Telecom Cost Auditing and Optimization, boasting an average savings of 35%. If no savings are identified, the audit is provided at no charge. Catering to a diverse range of sectors, PBC’s unique, hands-on approach enhances inter-departmental information flow, resulting in measurable outcomes. These outcomes generate savings and provide valuable insights for the C-Suite and stakeholders, serving as a roadmap for internal process improvement. Alongside these services, PBC delivers Telecom Consulting, Risk Assessment and mitigation, and Co-Sourcing, comprehensively supporting its clients’ telecommunication needs.

Predictive Safety has developed a patented Workplace Fatigue and Impairment Detection solution developed using NASA’s psychomotor vigilance test. Evolved as a response to Exxon Valdez disaster. The AlertMeter® tool uses a 60 second app-based Cognitive Alertness Test (Developed by NIOSH) to detect impairment in any safety sensitive position / industry. Proven to reduce worker’s compensation an ave. of 40% and 37% reduction in costs of incidents.

Stone Valley Building Solutions Inc. is a Canadian based construction material supplier and technology company in the housing / construction industry. Through direct relationships with building product suppliers, Stone Valley is able to provide cost effective building components throughout North America.